What's changed?

You said, we did.

Thanks to your continued support of the Local Offer we have been able to build a programme of improvements from your feedback, gathered through a range of channels, from questionnaires, emails and user testing exercises.

Searching for information

Local Offer now has a brand new directory. This directory is central to the Local Offer website and contains a combination of both information pages and services in one place. Simply go to the directory and search either by keywords, or choose a category from the drop down list. Each entry in the results will state whether it is a service available to you, or a page of information about that subject.

Searching for information has been made easier by our 'search as you type' function in the header of the website. For example if you type 'children' in the search it will automatically list a number of results that you may have been looking for.

Speed and performance

The Local Offer directory has now been developed to display information at a fraction of the speed of the old directory. Perfect for the more impatient web browsers among us!

Speak to us

We are always looking to provide the best offer to you. Please continue to help us improve this Local Offer by giving us feedback on this website either through our feedback pages or by using the feedback tab on the right hand side of the screen.