SEND Preparing for Adulthood 14 -25 year olds

East Riding of Yorkshire Council has recently published the ‘SEND Preparing for Adulthood (PfA) Guide: 14 -25 year olds’.

The Guide has been co-produced by practitioners across Children’s, Adults, Health services and schools, as well as young people from TYLER (The Young Leaders of the East Riding) and parent carers, both from the East Riding Parent Carer Forum (EYPCF) and also others who are not members of the Parent Carer Forum.

The Guide has been produced to provide information about the Preparing for Adulthood agenda, otherwise known in short as PfA. The guide is for parent carers of young people, and all those who work with and for young people aged 14 - 25 years with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) across local authorities, health services, schools, colleges, training providers, voluntary sector organisations and other support services.

The Guide aims to support parent carers and practitioners to support young people with SEND to move into adulthood with choice and control over their lives and have good life outcomes. This guide is primarily for those with / who support young people with an Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plan, although the principles of Preparing for Adulthood are also beneficial for young people at SEN Support level. Please bear in mind that the services included in this guide may only be available to those young people with an EHC Plan.

For ease, the Guide has been broken up into the four PfA outcome areas:

  • Education and Employment - this pathway explores different education, training and employment options
  • Independent Living - this pathway looks at accommodation and living arrangements along with available support
  • Friends, Relationships and Community Involvement - this pathway identifies opportunities for participating in and contributing to the local community as well as how to stay safe
  • Good Health - this pathway supports being as healthy as possible in adult life.

The Guide includes a ‘Who’s Who’ guide to services available, as well as a ‘Preparing for Adulthood Timeline’ which breaks down what parent carers should expect to happen and when, if they have a young person with an EHC Plan. Furthermore, the Guide also includes a comprehensive Glossary of Terms. Each of these features within the Guide are available as separate documents on the Local Offer website.

The Guide is available both online and as a hard copy version.

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