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Phone lines out of action

The following number for Early Years Support/Portage/Area SENCO team (01482) 392220 is not currently working. Please e-mail instead.

The British Youth Council

I'm Sarah, the new Leadership and Membership Manager at the British Youth Council. I wanted to reach out directly to introduce myself but also to let you know about a really exciting opportunity that we would love to offer to your young people at ERVAS. As there are limited spaces, we wanted to reach out directly to you, before we offer it out to our wider membership.

Here at the British Youth Council, we are halfway through our journey in evolving our Young Leaders Collective Development Team; an ever growing network of young people who are working with us to develop our unique leadership programme. We are now looking to recruit 6 new members of our young development team to help us to take our ideas to the next level and begin putting our thoughts into action! We would love to invite any young people you feel may be interested in applying.

We are looking for young people between the ages of 16-25 who would like to use their voice to shape the British Youth Council's leadership future and experience working amongst other young people to develop their own understanding and knowledge of leadership. Alongside this, we are offering each young person on the development team 1:1 mentoring and support in their own leadership journey and unique networking opportunities with other passionate young people.

The Development Team will support the British Youth Council in finalising ideas, creating resources, developing training and working in different ways to bring this programme to life! We'd love to have some young people from ERVAS and would be more than happy to arrange a time to chat more about this opportunity. I've attached an information pack for organisations which gives you lots more information along with a pack for young people too. If you could share the information booklet with your young people, encouraging them to apply via the British Youth Council website by 15th February 2022, we will be notifying successful candidates in early March. It's important to note that we are not looking for those with any particular experience, but young people who are excited to learn more about programme development and are enthusiastic and motivated to be leaders of social change.

Sarah Godfrey
Leadership and Membership Manager
The British Youth Council

Hull and East Yorkshire Project Search 2022

DFN Project SEARCH programme can be a force for transformative change in the lives of young people with learning disabilities. This programme provides real-life work experience combined with training in employability and independent-living skills to help young people make successful transitions to productive adult life. Find out how more about the project here.

DFN Project Search YouTube video

East Riding College Logo

East Riding College Brochure

East Riding college is a general further education college with campuses in Beverley and Bridlington, we also have a centre in Hull that specialises in music. We offer specialist foundation studies provision for students with learning difficulties and disabilities.

Providing a safe, caring, respectful and ambitious learning environment is at the heart of everything we do at East Riding College. We are a friendly and welcoming college that provides excellent support for all of our learners

East Riding College is an inclusive college and we welcome applications from everyone. We beleive that college life is improved by having people from different backgrounds and interests working and studying together, sharing their experiences and learning from each other

East Riding College Brochure (pdf 7mb)

SEND Local Offer Bulletin

SEND Local Offer Bulletin - Edition 51 - 20 January 2022

You can view the latest SEND Bulletin below:

SEND Local Offer Bulletin - Edition 51 - 20 January 2022 (pdf 349kb)

For information about SEND Local Offer LOOK AHEAD and to register with the service, please visit the LOOK AHEAD page or contact the FISH helpline:

Tel: (01482) 396469


YogaBugs virtual gives you online access to hundreds of yoga & well-being videos for your whole family to take part in from the comfort of your own home! Perfect if you are worried about going out due to rising cases of COVID.

CLICK HERE to watch a short video to find out why it's good for your family!

Why sign up?

  • It is FREE!
  • It takes less than 60 seconds to sign up.
  • Help your family feel calm, increase your child's confidence & help get your family active over the cold winter months.
  • Suitable for children with SEN.

eCode: east-riding-of-yorks-1394

How to gain access?

  • Visit the YogaBugs website
  • Click on parents, enter the unique eCode above and follow the simple registration (it takes less than 60 seconds!)
  • Enjoy YogaBugs at home!

If you have any questions, please refer to these useful FAQs on the YogaBugs website.

For all terms and conditions please visit the YogaBugs website

Rotary International - Humber Maritime Disability games 2022

A memorable day of fun, competition and freindship.

Sunday 10 April 2022, Hymers college, Hull.

Juniors: aged 9-15, adults: aged 16+.

Contact for more information.

Autism and anxiety - a session for parents/carers

This is an online training session which will explore autism and anxiety, including:

  • the difficulties and differences commonly associated with autism
  • why autism is often associated with anxiety
  • how anxiety may present in our autistic children and young people
  • how we can help.

Please note: this online training session does not replace the in-person NAS seminars which will be advertised separately, so look out for them too!

How to book:

The session will be delivered online via Microsoft Teams on 8 Feb 4 - 5.30pm. To book on, please email (you will be sent a link prior to the training), any parent that is already booked onto the session will be contacted directly.


Your trainers will be from the Educational Psychology Service (EPS) and are Dr Lucy Pugh, Specialist Senior Educational Psychologist and Janet Sweet, Inclusion Practitioner.

Proposed parental contribution changes to home to school and college transport

East Riding of Yorkshire Council is consulting on a potential increase in contribution charges and adding an annual Consumer Price Index increase for pupils who are not eligible for free home to school and college transport but are using spare seats on our contracted vehicles.

Please note that the council has a budget to provide transport to pupils who are eligible for free home to school and college transport support, this consultation is not about charging for eligible pupils.

The council has not increased the parental contribution since 2013, despite an increase in the cost of delivery. The average cost to the council of providing a seat on a contracted vehicle (including all types of vehicles) for a pupil for one academic year is now £1,000 per seat, but the council only charges £540 per academic year.

This is the same amount that has been charged since 2013 and means that for each seat taken up, the Council subsidises the seat by £460 per academic year. We do not think this level of subsidy is sustainable in the long term, but we are also conscious that if we were to increase the costs to £1000 per annum the cost may be too high for some families.

We have also carried out a benchmarking exercise against our statistical neighbours to be able to compare ourselves with similar local authorities.

The average price across our statistical neighbours is £640 per year.

We are therefore aware that the contribution needs to be increased as we are unable to maintain the current subsidy level. We are proposing to increase the contribution for pupils who are not entitled to free transport to £600. This would keep us under the average and would equate to £3.16 per day for a return journey. We believe this new price is competitive and comparable to public transport prices across our area. We are also proposing to introduce an annual Consumer Price Index increase.

We are proposing to increase the contribution to £600 from April 2022 and then each April thereafter to apply an increase to contribution in line with the annual Consumer Price Index. This would avoid any significant increases in future years but should make provision of the service more sustainable in both the short and long term. For families on a low income there would be a 50 per cent reduction, bringing the annual cost down to £300.

To help in the decision making, we would like to gain your views, our survey should only take you a few minutes to complete.

The link to access the survey is below.

The consultation closes on 13 February 2022.

Smartsurvey - Parental Contribution for Home to School and College Transport

Springboard programme logo

Are you aged 16-24 and looking for work and further learning?

The Springboard programme helps to support you into training or employment

This programme is completely free and open to people aged 16-24 who live in the East Riding of Yorkshire and are looking for work

To get in touch, please email or call us (01482) 887670

Please note: You do not need to be claiming DWP benefits to join

Short Breaks briefing for Parents and Carers, Update - December 2021


The intention of this briefing note is to provide a context to some of the conversations that have been taking place between the Local Authority and some parents and carers of children who receive short breaks. The Local Authority must ensure that it complies with legislation and a recent review of all short breaks indicated that a small number of children are in receipt of more than 75 nights per annum, but their status is not 'looked after'. For these children there are duties that local authorities must adhere to and as such parents and carers need to be made aware of the expectations set out in legislation.

We recognise that this can be confusing and raise anxieties, but we are hopeful that having conversations with you will help to explain the available options.


Short breaks can be provided by local authorities through the use of their powers under: section 17(6) of the 1989 Children Act, which grants local authorities a power to provide accommodation as part of a range of services in order to discharge their general duty to safeguard and promote the welfare of children in need; and section 20(4) of the 1989 Act, which grants local authorities a power to provide accommodation 'for any child within their area (even though a person who has parental responsibility for him is able to provide him with accommodation) if they consider that to do so would safeguard or promote the child's welfare'.

There will be some children whose package of short breaks is over 75 night in one year, meaning the Local Authority must provide the services under section 20(4) rather than 17(6). When a child is accommodated under section 20(04), the Local Authority have a duty to produce a care plan, appoint an independent reviewing officer and hold regular reviews. The review process allows for independent scrutiny of how the provision being provided meets the individual needs of a child. The views of parents, carers and where appropriate, children, are considered and incorporated in ongoing recommendations for the provision to continue.

The purpose of the plan for a child in a short break is substantially different from the plan for a child who is looked after continuously. Where a child receives short breaks, the parents have primary responsibility for planning their child's future, although the family may often seek advice and support from the local authority in meeting their child's needs. It is important to note that this does not mean there are concerns about parenting or the way that a child is looked after at home. The short break care plan should focus on setting out those matters which will ensure the child's needs can be fully met while the child is away from his/her parents.

What does this mean for families?

Providing accommodation on this basis has no effect on the parents' parental responsibility and, of course, parents can remove their child from the accommodation at any time. Parents retain overall responsibility for the health, education and longer-term planning for their child, although they may ask for assistance from the local authority.

It is the parent's choice regarding whether their child is accommodated under section 20(4), however should they not wish for this to happen because of the need to comply with legislation. a conversation will be had to explore options and possible alternative packages to meet needs.

What will we do in the future?

It is important that the Local Authority are transparent with parents where overnight short breaks are an assessed need, to ensure that they understand the duties of the Local Authority. To ensure this happens at the earliest point possible it will form part of the conversations during the assessment process.

MOBY - Making Our Business Yours logo

MOBY - Making Our Business Yours

A Quick Programme Overview

This Ability supports participants who are:

  • aged 18 to 29-years-old with a disability/learning disability or difficulty or a long-term health condition
  • unemployed or economically inactive
  • living in Hull and the East Riding.

Please follow the link below to see the attached flyer for the MOBY programme (Making Our Business Yours):

Local Offer - MOBY - Making Our Business Yours

Civil Service internship offered to autistic young people

An exciting three-week work experience opportunity in the Civil Service is being offered to 60 autistic young people, you must:

  • be autistic
  • be aged between 18 and 25 at the time of the internship
  • have achieved a minimum of 2 GCSEs (or equivalent) in English and Maths at Grade 4-9 (or A*-C) or above.

For further details and to apply please follow the link below:

Civil Service internship

Coronavirus news article

Coronavirus update - November 2021

Education Secretary Nadhim Zahawi has said today:

View the Coronavirus update

Early Years Support team update

Early Years Support are currently seeing an increase in new requests being made to the team. Due to the significant increase in requests being made to Early Years Support, the team have unfortunately had to implement a waiting list.

This means that all new requests to Early Years Support will now be discussed in 2022.

What happens to the request I have made / I am due to make?

Once you have submitted a request to Early Years Support with all supporting information, Early Years Support will add your request to the next available team meeting date.

The Early Years Support team will send an e-mail confirming the date the request will be discussed to the family and referrer.

What can I do whilst waiting for my request to be discussed by the Early Years Support team?

  • Please ensure that sufficient supporting information has been submitted to the team to support the request. For example a current termly support plan, up to date developmental information etc.
  • Submit any updates /progress reports to support the initial request information if there are any significant changes
  • Consider making a referral for support to the children's centre for Bookstart / Talktime sessions / Family links / Family support if appropriate
  • Undertake the speech and language therapy checklist / make a referral to Speech and Language therapy if indicated on the checklist
  • Contact the Health Visiting team Single Point of Access team for support /advice
  • Contact the Area SENCO for advice and support if you are an early years setting practitioner
  • If the chid is due to transition into school in September 2022, to consider arranging and setting a date for an initial transition into school planning meeting in the New Year

All of the above will contribute further information for the Early Years Support team to take into consideration when discussing the request and making recommendations for further support/services.

What are the Early Years Support team doing in relation to the increase in requests being made?

  • Added an extra Early Years Support team meeting in December 2021 to discuss new requests
  • Screening new requests
  • Contacting early years setting to offer support /advice as required
  • Contacting referrers to undertake a deep dive where a request has been made late to Early Years Support and offering support/advice

If you have a query about an Early Years Support request or haven't received notification of the date a request to Early Years Support will be discussed, please do not hesitate to contact the Early Years Support team at:

Youth Parliament Promotion Image

East Riding elections to the Youth Parliament

The East Riding of Yorkshire Council is working with East Riding Voluntary Action Services to encourage and support young people in East Riding to stand for election to the UK Youth Parliament before 6th December 2021, as well as to participate in the vote, which will take place in February 2022.

Therefore, a toolkit has been developed to provide further information and resources so that you can promote this fantastic opportunity to young people you work with directly and via your networks, websites, E-bulletins and social media platforms.

It would be very much appreciated if you could share the information provided in the Toolkit, along with the social media graphics in the zip file, with young people you work with, so that they can find out more about it and how they can nominate themselves by visiting the East Riding Council website and completing the online registration form, or by emailing Detty Tyler Tel: 01482 871077.

Also, if you would like someone to come and talk to your staff, volunteers and young people about the East Riding elections and how they can get involved in this exciting opportunity, please contact Detty Tyler by emailing or Tel: 01482 871077. The deadline for applications is Monday 6th December at 5pm.

East Riding elections to the UK Youth Parliament Toolkit (word 650kb)

The Council for Disabled Children is working with NHS England to gather the views of young people with learning disabilities around annual health checks

The Council for Disabled Children is looking to recruit focus groups of up to 6 young people, aged 14 to 19 years old, with learning disabilities. They are keen to hear from particularly seldom heard young people. From the focus groups, they will co-produce information, materials, and resources with young people to promote the importance of annual health checks.

CDC will create all the materials and the session plan for the focus groups. CDC will deliver the focus group virtually. They will work with the group leader/teacher to find a convenient time for the session which will last around 45 minutes to 1 hour, however they will work with you for however long you have! The young people will receive a £10 voucher for their participation. For more information and to download an information sheet to share with the young people you work with, please click on the attachments to this post.

The expressions of interest are open until Wednesday 24th November. All engagement work must be completed by 10th December. If you are unable to accommodate us between now and 10th December, then unfortunately they will be unable to work with you for this opportunity.

If the young people you work with are not able to take part in a focus group, they can fill out an online survey to participate in the project and ensure their thoughts are heard by clicking here.

If you would like to express your interest on behalf of the young people you work with, please contact Hope at

Annual Health Checks Flyer (pdf 241kb)

Annual Health Checks Information Sheet (pdf 139kb)

SEND Local Offer Newsletter

SEND Local Offer Newsletter - Edition 5 - October 2021

You can view the latest SEND Bulletin below:

SEND Local Offer Newsletter - Edition 5 - October 2021

For information about SEND Local Offer LOOK AHEAD and to register with the service, please visit the LOOK AHEAD page or contact the FISH helpline:

Tel: (01482) 396469

Have your say on East Riding of Yorkshire Council's proposed Home to School or College Transport Policy

Visit the council's website via the link below to preview the policy and have your say via the online survey:

Survey - Home to School or College Transport

Best Endeavours Duty

The Best Endeavours Duty information has been added to the SEN support in schools page. Please open the panel entitled 'What can I expect the education provider to provide?' to read about it.

Ofsted Area SEND Inspection - Children, Young People and the Voluntary and Community Sector Survey

With the Ofsted Area SEND Inspection due, it is important that the Inspectors have the opportunity to speak to children and young people with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND) living in East Riding, as well as a wide range of professionals who work with them.

The East Riding of Yorkshire Council are currently working with ERVAS, KIDS, East Yorkshire Parent Carer Forum, The Young Leaders of East Riding (TYLER) group, Hear Me Out (YPEG) and Superstars, to ensure that children and young people, as well as professionals (paid and unpaid) from the Voluntary and Community Sector, have the opportunity to tell the Inspectors what they think.

You can choose to complete one of the following 3 surveys, which are all now ready:

  • Young people's written survey
  • Young people's picture survey
  • Voluntary and community sector survey

It would be great if you could share these with children and young people with SEND and help them to complete it where needed, or with any VCS groups that you think would be interested. There is no current deadline, as the surveys will run until Ofsted announce the date they are coming to East Riding. If any children or young people would like to attend the zoom meeting with inspectors, they can email

You can access all of the surveys here:

Autism assessment pathway - please provide important feedback

Would you like to provide important feedback on your experience of accessing the autism assessment pathway in East Yorkshire? We are researching how the process of autism assessment fits with other services in the region and how you experienced the pathway.

ECADA Poster (pdf 491kb)

Online parent carer sessions

East Riding of Yorkshire Council Specialist Services have worked in partnership with East Riding Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), the East Yorkshire Parent Carer Forum (EYPCF) and The Young Leaders of East Riding (TYLER) to develop a range of online parent carer sessions on a range of different topics, please see the attached document for further information and booking links

East Riding of Yorkshire SEND Parent Carer Sessions (pdf 577kb)

Personal Transport Budget update

Personal transport budgets (PTB) are an alternative way for the council to deliver statutory home to school or college transport for pupils who are eligible for support to their educational establishment. East Riding of Yorkshire Council has been running its current PTB model for the last four years.

After reflecting on the uptake of the current model, learning lessons from formal and informal feedback, focused meetings and national research a new PTB model has been developed and will be piloted from January 2021. This new model will be piloted with a small group of families, whose children are currently in receipt of one-to-one transport support (eligible children and young people). These families will be invited by letter to join us in further developing the new model and its processes.

The pilot will be reviewed regularly with the families involved in the pilot and other stakeholders.

We are hopeful that after some fine-tuning with the initial pilot group and further consultation, the new model can be rolled-out further to more families.

We will provide information on our progress over the next few months.

Families not invited to be part of the initial pilot will continue to be able to access the current three-tiered PTB model.