Care Act 2014

The most current legislation regarding carers and people being cared for.

East Riding residents are being encouraged to find out more about how new care reforms could affect them after the Care Act came into effect on 1 April 2015.

The Care Act, which marks the most significant reform to social care policy for over 60 years, aims to make care and support more consistent across the country.

Any adult who receives care and support, or any adult who supports another adult as a carer, could benefit from the changes which include:

1. Carers have expanded rights to assessment and council support. This puts carers on the same footing as those they care for, allowing them to get the support they need for themselves. This could be practical support, such as respite care, or a direct payment to spend on things that will make it easier to carry on caring. 

2. There is a new eligibility criteria threshold meaning that wherever you live in the country, or if you plan to move from one region to another, if your needs meet the threshold you will be eligible for support. 

3. Deferred payment agreements have become available meaning that no one should have to sell their home in their lifetime to fund care costs.

To find out more about the Care Act you can visit the websites listed below. 

GOV.uk - Care and Support and You (external website) 

East Riding of Yorkshire Council - Care and Support for Adults (external website)

For further information you can also email: care.act@eastriding.gov.uk

Care Act 2014 Legislation (pdf 1,045 kb opens in new window)

Care Act 2014 Easy read version (pdf 2,865 kb opens in new window)