Personal Budgets

What is a Personal Budget?

A Personal Budget is the amount of money identified by the local authority to meet the assessed needs of your child, as set out in their Education, Health and Care (EHC) plan.  A Personal Budget will give you more of a say in how that money is spent and can allow you to purchase some of the services and support your child needs. 

Personal Travel Budgets are coordinated separately to Personal Budgets for children and young people with an EHC plan. However, if you are interested in discussing Personal Travel Budgets for home to school transport please contact your Education, Health and Care Plan Co-ordinator who can provide you with more information. You can find out more by visiting the Personal Travel Budget page.

Information on Personal Budgets can be found in the PDF below:

Personal Budget Leaflet (pdf 1mb)

You can also find out more about personal budgets by clicking on the buttons below:

All parents can request a Personal Budget if they

Young people aged over 16 years with an EHC or social care plan can also ask for a Personal Budget.

Personal Budgets will be allocated according to your child's needs and support plan and could be made up of funding from Health, Education and Children's Social Care.

Please note: Local Authorities and the NHS will be commissioning services in bulk and can provide them cheaper than a parent buying services individually.

Managing a personal budget

There are four ways of managing a Personal Budget:

  • Direct payments – where a person in the family receives the money to buy and manage the services themselves
  • An arrangement where the local authority, school or college purchases the support/service in the EHC plan.
  • Third party arrangement – where the family can ask someone else to manage the money on their behalf
  • A combination of the above.

How you choose to manage your payments is your decision.

Spending a personal budget

Examples of some of the types of services you can use a Personal Budget for are listed below:

  • short breaks (including nursing care)
  • personal care (including health care)
  • specialist equipment
  • specialist workers in educational settings
  • support worker in the home, and
  • therapies (which are over and above the core contract the council already has in place with health services).

If you have a Personal Budget and would like to speak with someone about this please contact your named worker (e.g. Social Worker, EHC Plan Co-ordinator).

Alternatively, you can contact Families Information Service Hub (FISH) Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) Information and Advice Service:

Tel: (01482) 396469

Email: fish@eastriding.gov.uk

National organisations that offer support

Contact helpline

Email: info@contact.org.uk

Tel: 0808 808 3555

Monday to Friday, 9:30am to 5pm.

Independent Parental Special Education Advice (IPSEA)

IPSEA advice line

Tel: 0800 018 4016

Monday to Thursday, 10am to 4pm and 7pm to 9pm

Friday, 1pm to 4pm.

To apply for a Personal Budget, speak to your named worker (e.g. Social Worker, EHC Plan Coordinator).

Or contact FISH for information about how to apply.

Email: fish@eastriding.gov.uk