Grant Giving Organisations

There are many charitable organisations who will buy, fund or part fund various items, for example:

  • sensory equipment and toys
  • trampolines
  • adapted bikes and trikes
  • mobility and specialist equipment including wheelchairs
  • white goods (fridges, freezers and other appliances)
  • furniture and bedding, and
  • in some cases even holidays and short breaks for the whole family.

To find out more about who might be eligible for grants and how to apply, click on the expanding panels below:

Each charitable organisation will have their own eligibility criteria for grants.

Examples of some eligibility criteria include:

  • families of children with disabilities in receipt of Disability Living Allowance. Read more about DLA on the Disability Living Allowance (DLA and PIP) page.
  • people with a physical or learning disability
  • people with a mental health problem
  • acute, chronic or life limiting illnesses
  • families with low income, disadvantaged or suffering financial hardship
  • people over 16 years who are disabled and living independently, and/or
  • being an unpaid carer.

Grant-giving organisations will have their own method/route for accepting applications for a grant. Applications might be accepted from:

  • families of children with disabilities directly, or
  • through referral from a social worker, welfare agency or other professional.

Who can help me find and apply for a grant?


Contact (external website)

Tel: 0808 808 3555


Cerebra (external website)

Tel: 0800 328 1159 


A charity that provides an online service to help people access information on benefits and grants available to them in the UK.

Turn2us (external website)

Disability Grants

Discover grants which are available nationally and in your local area.

Disability Grants (external website)

Family Fund

Covid-19 pandemic funding: the Children and Families Minister Vicky Ford announced £10 million of funding to Family Fund, which will help low-income families with seriously ill or disabled children with the cost of equipment, goods or services - from washing machines and refrigerators to sensory and educational equipment that they might not otherwise be able to afford. 

The grants are typically worth £400 to £500 per family, but vary depending on need.

Family Fund (external website)