Medical conditions at school

The guidance below has been created by representatives from the following agencies: NHS, PHE, the Local Authority, primary, secondary & special schools and academies. It is aimed at supporting school staff in managing pupil absence due to medical appointments and illness. It is intended to clarify, and ensure that consistent procedures are implemented across all schools preventing avoidable and unnecessary absence which parents attribute to illness. 

Pupils with long-term and complex medical conditions may require ongoing support, medicines or care while at school to help them manage their condition and keep them well. This guidance is intended to help schools and their governing bodies meet their legal responsibilities based on good practice, aiming to support schools with advice on how this can be best managed in line with the guidance ‘ Supporting pupils at school with medical conditions’ (DfE December 2015). 

This guidance not only looks at various conditions and the support that may be required for pupils whilst at school: but also advises on school attendance, individual healthcare plans, medication and interventions in emergency circumstances. 

All individual sections and workable templates and forms can be found on  East Riding Here for Schools website (external Council website) 

To view the guidance please view the document: 

Medical Conditions at School - Management Resource Pack (pdf 11MB, opens in new window)