TYLER - The Young Leaders of East Riding

TYLER (The Young Leaders of East Riding) is a group of young people (aged 14 - 25 years) who want to ensure all children and young people who have a disability, learning difficulty or health needs get their voices heard. The TYLER group has been running since 2015.

If you like making a difference to other people's lives, TYLER is the group for you!

Come along to our meetings and meet other young people with similar interests. For an opportunity to socialise, share stories and experiences, make new friends and have fun!

TYLER meet once a month. Every other meeting TYLER meet socially and every other meeting TYLER meet professionals to feedback and improve services.

TYLER's Purposes and Priorities:


TYLER gives children and young people with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) a voice to make a positive difference to services.


TYLER  aims to: 

  1.  get 20 members actively involved in the group
  2.  provide a positive atmosphere that allows people to make new friends
  3. increase people’s knowledge of T.Y.L.E.R to work with more services and increase knowledge and membership
  4. increase people’s knowledge of T.Y.L.E.R by attending three events per year
  5. work with 5 teams and/or services to improve things for young people per year.


When does TYLER meet?

TYLER meets every month alternating between professional meetings and social get-togethers.

TYLER meeting every other month at County Hall in Beverley to talk about their services. 

TYLER is registered with Volunteen. As you will be giving up your time to improve services for other children and young people, you will gain volunteering hours towards your certificate.

There should be no barriers to joining TYLER If transport is a barrier, taxi’s will be arranged for you, free of charge.

To support communication within TYLER meetings, the group will:

  • not use abbreviations or acronyms (except for TYLER)
  • use communication methods that are best for TYLER member’s individual needs, e.g. texts, emails.
  • not use condescending language in meetings.
  • use appropriate language and keep inappropriate language to a minimum. 

TYLER is a group for all young people, aged 14 – 25 years. The following guidelines have been agreed to make the group accessible for all:

  • Be positive about other members
  • Respect each other and anyone else that attends
  • Anyone attending can leave the room at any time 
  • Be as involved as much or as little as you want
  • Understand and respect each other’s needs and understand adjustments may be needed for some members
  • Be confidential about the needs of others.

How do I join?

You can join via the TYLER website and filling out the "join us" form.

TYLER leaflet (pdf 267kb)


TYLER members attend four of the SEND subgroups:

  • Children and Young People’s Participation and Engagement group
  • Co-production group
  • Data group
  • Preparing for Adulthood group.


TYLER feeds back to the 0 – 25 SEND Board through the Children and Young People’s Participation and Engagement group.

TYLER’s work feeds in to a range of difference services, including those outside of East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

Ongoing Projects

TYLER (The Young Leaders of East Riding) are looking for young people’s views and opinions on bullying. 

The group have 3 questions they would like young people to answer so they can feedback about the impact bullying has on young people’s lives to the local council. 

  1. How does bullying impact on young people’s lives, how does it make them feel?
  2. Do you think there is enough support for young people that have or are experiencing bulling?
  3. What support do you think can be put in place to help people being bullied or that have experienced it?

TYLER would really appreciate your feedback so they can continue to make a difference to young people's lives and make sure there is support available.

If you would like to answer the questions, please send your answers to fish@eastriding.gov.uk.

All answers will remain confidential and anonymous.

For further information about this or on TYLER in general, please contact Adele Simpson via email adele.simpson@eastriding.gov.uk or by telephone (01482) 396875.

Further information

For more TYLER information or to join our group check out our website:

TYLER (external website)

Alternatively please contact:

TYLER on 07452 100638

FISH on (01482) 396469 

Email:  fish@eastriding.gov.uk