Effective support for Children, Young People and Families - Safeguarding and Early Help

Our Early Help Service and Safeguarding Hub (formerly EHASH)

Our Early Help Service - Tel: (01482) 391700

Safeguarding and Partnership Hub (formerly EHASH) - Tel: (01482) 395500

Each service will offer you the opportunity to talk to a practitioner about your concerns and discuss the most appropriate way forward.

Further details of how to access this new offer can be found in the Safeguarding Partnership newsletter below.

The conversations in these consultations will be underpinned by the Effective Support Guidance:

ERSCP (East Riding Safeguarding Children Partnership) (external council website)

This guidance sets out the criteria for accessing services, from universal services, through additional support, targeted support and specialist services.  A programme of virtual training events has started to support the introduction of this guidance, details of which can be found in the August edition of the ERSCP newsletter – Partnership Matters:

ERSCP - Partnership Matters newsletter (external council website)

Making a referral

If, in line with the Effective Support Guidance, it is appropriate to refer a child/family for Early Help Services or for a social work assessment then a revised Request for Service Form will need to be completed:

ERSCP (East Riding Safeguarding Children Partnership) (external council website)

However, where there is a concern of significant harm that may need an urgent response then you will find, after ringing the Safeguarding and Partnership Hub number:

Safeguarding and Partnership Hub (formerly EHASH) - Tel: (01482) 395500

There is an option to be put straight through to a social worker to discuss this concern. This option will provide a way to prioritise those concerns which need urgent attention.

We will need your help in ensuring that this option is reserved for such circumstances.

Request for Service

Requests for Early Help or Safeguarding Services should be made using the inter-agency request for service form below.

Before completing this form please refer to the East Riding Safeguarding Children Partnership Threshold Guidance and (if available) seek advice from your organisational safeguarding lead or safeguarding professional.

However If you are concerned a child has suffered or is likely to suffer significant harm and is at immediate risk call the Children’s Safeguarding Hub on (01482) 395500 or ring 999 (asking for the Police). In these circumstances please complete this form to confirm your referral within 24 hours.

Requests for Early Help or Safeguarding Services Form (word 38kb)

The form is in line with the requirements of Working Together to Safeguard Children and local procedures.

For more information visit the Support and Protection for Children and Young People page:

Effective support for children, young people and families in the East Riding of Yorkshire (pdf 17mb)

East Riding Safeguarding Children Partnership (ERSCP)

erscb.org.uk (external council website)