You Said, We Did


20.07.2018 You Said...

"Why does the Local Offer site keep asking me if I want cookies everytime I change screen or click a link? It is driving me crazy. I'll never want advertising cookies, but I understand that the site may need to set some cookies to work correctly - clearly it's not doing that. Please will you make it so that I don't have to answer this question every single time I click on the links in this site? Thanks"

What have we done?

SENDIASS Replied: Thank you for your feedback on the Local Offer.  I have spoken to our technical department and they have said that this matter came to their attention last week and have now resolved the issue.  Please would you check that the issue is now resolved for you and let me know if this still remains an issue.

01.07.2018 You Said...

"Our daughter has been diagnosed with Asperger's ASD and also suffers from sensory integration issues. Also known as misophonia. Particularly around getting angry when someone close to her is breathing or chewing. We live in Doncaster and we are not sure if we could and how access your services regarding sensory integration assessment and therapy. Could you please let me know if we could. If not would you have similar services in the area of Doncaster ? Thank you very much."

What have we done?


22.04.2018 You Said...

"Hello East Riding of Yorkshire Council Local Offer, I am 17 years old and I have special needs, I have an moderate learning disabilities and I attend All Stars Just to let you know, it says on your website under the ''Activities'' Section that it says ''Hessle All Stars'', it used to be based in Hessle, but it has now moved venue and it is now held in Cottingham, The address for the new venue is:- Cottingham High School and Sixth Form College, Harland Way, Cottingham"

What have we done?

SENDIASS replied: Thank you for your feedback on the Local Offer.  It is very important to us that the information on the Local Offer is up to date and correct.  I would like to thank you for taking the time to bringing this to our attention.  I will forward this information to a member of the team so this information can be amended and replaced with the correct information.
SENDIASS contacted Barnardos to check the details of ALL their All Stars, updated the information on the Local Offer website and put every All Stars in the bulletin, highlighting the group that had changed venue.

You Said...   "One area that stands out is about not being updated in a timely manner regarding staff sickness and who to go to when this happens. Could the Local Offer be used to communicate staff sickness and who to contact in an emergency?"

What have we done?

This feedback was discussed at the Local Offer workstream group meeting. The outcome was that this was to be dealt with as an internal issue and that it was not appropriate to include information about staff absentees on the Local Offer website. Actions have already been implemented in the Children's Commissioning and Quality Monitoring Team (CCQMT) to address putting in place procedures for when staff are off work.

You said...  " What does the new structure look like following the recent re-structure of SEND services? How will parent/carers be notified of the changes and how will this improve support for parents/carers?"

What have we done?

The re-structure has been developed with a view to addressing the issues and feedback received from parents/carers and professionals regarding the current system and process. The new structure brings in a new 0-25 SEND team in order to provide support to families who have a child/young person with SEND.

The new structure is being implemented from 2nd January 2018 and will take time to become fully operational. At this very early stage, there is no change to any processes or procedures in terms of contacting the Local Authority for SEND advice and guidance. For those parents/carers who have an EHC Plan, until notified otherwise, their main contact should be through their named worker within the SEN Team.

We are planning to hold a number of workshops for both parents/carers and professionals in order to introduce the new structure and to outline the roles and responsibilities and are working with the parent/carer forum to put these in place for February and March 2018. We will continue to keep parents/carers updated on progress through the parent/carer forum.

The Local Offer website went live on 1 September 2014.

Each year we will publish your feedback and what we have done with this feedback – please see 2015-2016 You Said, We Did report below.

You said …… “Some settings are not making adequate provision for children and young people to attend after school Christmas events.”

What have we done?

We have ensured that the reasonable adjustment paper is on the Local Offer and in the FISH and SENDIASS bulletin for schools to refer to.

You said …… “The application process for a Passport to Leisure card is confusing “

What have we done?

We are reviewing the passport to leisure application procedure to ensure the process of getting a passport to leisure card is easy.

You said …… “Provision stated in our child/young person’s EHC plan is not being made.”

What have we done?

We have discussed this with the EHC plan Coordinators and they are making schools aware that once a plan is finalised they have a duty to provide what the EHC plan states.

You said …… “There is confusion around Freedom Activity Support Programme (FASP)  criteria”

What have we done?

We are reviewing FASP and involving East Riding Voices in Partnership (ERVIP) as part of this process.

You said …… “Some termly reviews are not being carried out”.

What have we done?

The SEN team will clarify with settings that termly reviews should be carried out.

You said …… “There is confusion around understanding and awareness of outcomes.”

What have we done?

We have discussed this with the EHC Plan Coordinators and they have going to ensure they fully explain outcomes to parent carers in meetings.

You said ...... "ERVIP representatives gave us detailed comments on the Accessibility Positions Statement"

What have we done?

We have ensured that all your comments were considered and we have given ERVIP detailed feedback to each of their comments showing actions taken.

You said ...... "Following a recent period of consultation parents had suggested some changes to the Short Breaks Statement"

What have we done?

All the feedback is gratefully received, thank you, and will be considered for the final version.


You said ...... "Information on the Local Offer about SEND funding needs reviewing"

What have we done?

ERVIP and FISH information group have reviewed and updated the SEND funding in schools information.



You said ...... "Does the eligibility criteria take into account the needs of parents and carers as well as children and young peoples access to services?"

What have we done?

All public sector agencies across education, health and care use the same assessment process, the 'Framework for the Assessment of Children In Need and their Families'. This is a holistic approach to determine how best to meet and achieve positive outcomes for all of them. An explanation of how this is undertaken has been involved in the Short Breaks Statement.



You said… “Not enough mainstream activities on the local offer”

What we have done?

Added links to the FISH website where information about mainstream activities is held.

You said….. “FASP (Freedom Activity Support Payment) has stopped”

What we have done?

FASP was re-introduced in September 2016

You said…… “The website is not young person friendly”

What we have done?

We are working with TYLER the young leaders of east riding group to design a young person’s section

You said… “A telephone contact number if a parent/young person can’t find what they are looking for.”

What we have done?

We have the FISH SENDIASS on (01482) 396469 information on the website, who can provide parent carers, young people and professionals with information and help them navigate the local offer website.

You said… “Keep it simple make it available online - how about links from local school websites?”

What we have done?

We have worked with parent carers to make the website simple and easy to use. We are constantly asking for more information about how easy to use and we will always look to improve it based on comments and feedback. We also have asked schools to link to the local offer website on their websites so that it is easy for parent carers to find.

You said… “Link to neighbouring Local Offers”

What we have done?

We have added links to our neighbouring local authorities on the useful links page.

You said…. “Couldn’t find information about CAMHS on local offer”

What we have done?

Made clearer on local offer website and more search words added to ensure this comes up in searches.

You said….. “Number of characters on local offer feedback box is restrictive”

What we have done?

Increased the number of characters which can be typed into the feedback comments box.

You said…… “There is confusion around roles, responsibilities and communication for SEN transport”

What we have done?

We are working with the SEN team, Transport and ERVIP to produce an information explaining who does what.

You said…… “Businesses not aware of the Shop and Save card scheme and that LOOK AHEAD parents can use these”

What we have done?

We discussed this with East Riding of Yorkshire council marketing team who contacted the business to confirm.

You said……. “My child is on transport for a long time”

What we have done?

Linked to the Personal Travel Budget information on the local offer from the Transport for School Aged children.

 the SEND funding in schools information.